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informatica Winner of Global Insight Award(Informatica) twice for iDecisions® implementation in Asia
iDecisions® implementation helped Tech Mahindra (Erstwhile Mahindra Satyam) to win CNME IT award in Middle East in FY 2011-12
Business Requirements Discovery
We educate the end users on Data warehouse and OLAP concepts and concentrate on identifying the Business information requirements and prioritizing the requirements of the customer. These business requirements help in defining the roadmap (driven by priorities) as well the business justification templates. The BRD is done through three major activities :
Business Intelligence (BI) Awareness Seminar

These seminars have an objective of educating the business users on the potential business uses of Business Intelligence. The objective is to raise the awareness of the BI concepts among the business users so that they can effectively contribute during the Information Requirements Discovery workshops

Information Requirements Discovery Workshop

Information Requirements Discovery, also called as Business Requirements Discovery (BRD) workshops are conducted to solicit requirements from business users. Our OnTargetTM methodology employs some of the best of breed practices and approaches for a successful requirements discovery.
icon Business Objectives decomposition
icon Business pain-points analysis
icon Business Process analysis
icon Ad Hoc scenario analysis
icon Identification of KPIs
icon Identification of canned reports

Requirements prioritization with justification

This activity involves prioritizing the requirements given by all the business users, with the main objective of deriving the overall BI roadmap. Automated templates from OnTargetTM are used to drive this activity. The prioritization is based on the scales and weights assigned by users to each of the requirements. Justification is based on Return On Investment (ROI) templates filled by the users.
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