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informatica Winner of Global Insight Award(Informatica) twice for iDecisions® implementation in Asia
iDecisions® implementation helped Tech Mahindra (Erstwhile Mahindra Satyam) to win CNME IT award in Middle East in FY 2011-12
iDecisions® Overview  

iDecisions®, a customizable framework, offers the best return for your investments as it brings the best of off-shelf product and custom (from scratch) solution paradigms to table. The risk of an off-shelf product not fitting your specific needs is reduced by iDecisions® framework. Its open and flexible nature ensures that iDecisions® is easily customizable for your specific business without the financial burden of having to build it from scratch.

iDecisions® business content along with Best Practices and Enablers help in accelerating BI solution implementation. Some of the Business Content and Enablers from iDecisions® include:

  • Comprehensive Industry Information Model that captures the best industry practices.
  • Analytical frameworks for ready quick implementation of what-if and scenario analysis.
  • Technical Enablers (Interface File Specification, Data Models, Analytical Reporting Templates).

iDecisions® delivers a pre-built, industry-specific application designed on the foundation of the best-of-breed processes in data warehousing. iDecisions® is customized to specific industry needs with predefined templates and analytical applications focused on key subject areas. It hands you the luxury of a customized solution for your industry without the financial burden of having to build it from scratch.

iDecisions® incorporates the multitude of experience garnered by our consultants in working with some of the most elite business organizations around the world.

In our experience, iDecisions® can cut implementation time from years to months and lower implementation and maintenance costs and time to market by 35-40%.
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