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iDecisions® implementation helped Tech Mahindra (Erstwhile Mahindra Satyam) to win CNME IT award in Middle East in FY 2011-12
iDecisions® Insurance
The insurance industry is evolving towards an era of consumerism and innovation. The positive economic conditions in industrialized economies, spectacular growth in many emerging economies, booming stock markets, tax incentives, governments shifting social security cover to private systems and trends towards increasing life expectancy have thrown up infinite growth opportunities for the insurance industry- both life as well as general insurance. However, with liberalization and increasing competition, margins are squeezed and the cushion of investment returns is shrinking. Now there is an increasing pressure to sharpen underwriting, cut overheads, reduce claims leakage and create new distribution channels.

Tomorrow's insurance value proposition will be based on the ability to provide financial services and risk mitigation in ways that are adaptive and customized to meet individual needs and the speed of response will define the winners.

A well-designed and implemented data warehouse, coupled with intuitive, sophisticated analytics, can facilitate decision making, substantially lower costs, reduce attrition, and consequently, increase profitability in your insurance business.

What if you could
  • Improve customer satisfaction and boost investor confidence while controlling costs
  • Strengthen customer-agent loyalty by offering policy and claims information in personalized reports
  • Have an effective means of accurate timely decision-making with handy, granular, enterprise-wide information and high-level of performance measurement for insurance business managers
  • Monitor claims by geography, business area, customer, product, type and handler to help scrutinize fake claims by identifying outliers
  • Assess effectiveness of the underwriter in scrutinizing applications
  • Deliver relevant information precisely to policyholders, regulators and employees
  • Align key performance indicators of organizational activities with overall strategy
iDecisions<sup>®</sup> Insurance
iDecisions® Insurance is specifically tailored to address such key business drivers. It is a well-designed BI accelerator that offers an intuitive and sophisticated analytical framework for the insurance industry. It helps to effectively organize and analyze the complex barrage of information generated across the enterprise, helps to generate required reports and incorporates analytical analysis of both life and non-life insurance segments, new business and underwriting systems, policy administration and claims processing, agency & channel management, finance, accounting and associated regulatory compliance.

iDecisions® for insurance helps insurance companies create a more efficient business model by facilitating knowledge based decision making across all business units.

To learn more on how your business can benefit from iDecisions® for Insurance please refer to the download section on the left or contact us at iDecisions.support@techmahindra.com
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