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informatica Winner of Global Insight Award(Informatica) twice for iDecisions® implementation in Asia
iDecisions® implementation helped Tech Mahindra (Erstwhile Mahindra Satyam) to win CNME IT award in Middle East in FY 2011-12
iDecisions® Media & Entertainment
The Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry is one of the fastest growing industries & its various segments—film, television, advertising, prints Media and music among others—have witnessed tremendous growth in the last few years.

Continual industry shifts & explosion of digital media and content distribution continue to rewrite the media and entertainment industry: With the evolving technology, new business models, behavioral changes in customer/consumer viewing pattern and stiff completion Tech Mahindra’s iDecisions® Media & Entertainment offerings helps the industry to acclimatize to these changes, better understand consumers and their behavior, streamline demand and supply to provide content effectively.

iDecisions® Media & Entertainment is specifically tailored to address such key business drivers. It is a well-designed BI solution accelerator that offers an intuitive and sophisticated analytical framework for the M&E industry. It helps to effectively organize and analyze the complex barrage of information generated across Television, Print, Digital Marketing/Advertising and Social Media.

iDecisions®  Media & Entertainment helps to create a more efficient business model by facilitating knowledge based decision making across all business units.

To learn more on how your business can benefit from iDecisions® for Media & Entertainment please refer to the download section on the left or contact us at iDecisions.support@techmahindra.com
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