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informatica Winner of Global Insight Award(Informatica) twice for iDecisions® implementation in Asia
iDecisions® implementation helped Tech Mahindra (Erstwhile Mahindra Satyam) to win CNME IT award in Middle East in FY 2011-12
iDecisions® Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas industry comprises of two main parts- Upstream and Downstream. Upstream process involves the exploration and production of O&G and Downstream involves the refining and processing of crude Oil and Gas products and their distribution and marketing.

iDecisions® for Oil and Gas helps O&G companies to analyze the Upstream process. Also, iDecisions® Supply Chain Management (SCM) module can be leveraged to analyze the downstream efficiency with respect to marketing and distribution process.

What if you could
  • Manage the demand and supply effectively
  • Monitor the production levels on a frequent basis
  • Project revenues with the help of current production figures
  • Measure the CO2 emission level per field
  • Effectively manage SCM operations
iDecisions® Oil and Gas framework is designed to provide multi-dimensional analysis that enables slicing and dicing the data by Fields, Wells, Facilities, Terminals, Leases etc. It also helps in demand and supply planning by determining targets based on the well availability, producing well bores, tracking the wells spudded and monitoring production on a periodic basis. It also helps to keep a check on the adherence of the environmental compliances over a period of time.

To learn more on how your business can benefit from iDecisions® for Oil & Gas please refer to the download section on the left or contact us at iDecisions.support@techmahindra.com
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