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informatica Winner of Global Insight Award(Informatica) twice for iDecisions® implementation in Asia
iDecisions® implementation helped Tech Mahindra (Erstwhile Mahindra Satyam) to win CNME IT award in Middle East in FY 2011-12
iDecisions® Telecom
The scenario for Telecom industry is demanding. There is immense level of competition amongst players. To differentiate themselves and march ahead, Telecommunication companies need to optimize the information locked up in their enormous volumes of data. It is here that the ability to respond quickly and decisively to market trends, ability to think ahead and tailor products and services to that individual customer sooner than the others is tested, in fact more critically than ever. Timely analysis of this information will help companies to take efficient decisions and enhance customer experience and increase profitability. This has reinforced the need for telecom companies to have a pioneering business intelligence solution.

A well-designed and implemented data warehouse, coupled with intuitive, sophisticated analytics, can facilitate decision making, substantially lower costs, reduce attrition, and consequently, increase profitability in your telecom business.

What if you could
  • React quickly to competitor’s offerings
  • Retain valuable customers to your network
  • Build and grow profitable customer relationships
  • Offer the right service to your customers
  • Be prepared for HOW and WHAT customers will decide tomorrow
  • Effectively identify and plug revenue leakage
  • Boost network performance by monitoring traffic and faults
iDecisions<sup>®</sup> Telecom
iDecisions® Telecom is specifically tailored to address such key business drivers. It is a well-designed BI solution accelerator that offers an intuitive and sophisticated analytical framework for the telecommunication industry. It helps to effectively organize and analyze the complex barrage of information generated across the enterprise, provides analytical engines for efficient analysis, helps to generate required reports and facilitates to identify the most profitable customers, assess promotional campaigns, forecast network growth, manage fraud, reduce churn, create a more efficient business model and facilitates knowledge based decision making across all business units

To learn more on how your business can benefit from iDecisions® for Telecom please refer to the downloads section on the left or contact us at iDecisions.support@techmahindra.com
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